Knowledge about bulk SMS services

First login into your account through
1. Click to SignUp and create account.
2. Choose Communication Type (Transactional SMS or promotional SMS).
3. CALL Us for the proposal.

In order to make a refund request, you can directly write to or Call Us Your amount will be refunded within 6-7 working days.

The least number of credits that can be purchased is 10000 in Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS & SendOTP SMS.

The charges of any message depend on the number of credits consumed, the pricing per credit is according to the country to which you are sending the message.You can see the price per credits on our pricing page.
Also, failed messages are charged, but Blacklisted numbers are not charged.

All credits you buy with TreeSMS come with a lifetime validity. We want you to pay only for what you use.

If you have required doing such promotions for your business that could lead you to bring in some potential customers. Thus, the SMS Marketing Solution would come up with an approach for your service, brand and product. As an example, if you shoot your message template with an offer “Get Rs. 200 Cash back on your Cab Booking” so, if this will find required to anyone, will contact you & even if it will not be in requirement for that particular time then he/she might the message as well to be used at the future times.
Online Bulk SMS Service has an effective impact on getting customer leads as compared to any other marketing solutions.

Simple Steps to be followed for further process are:
1. Visit
2. Sign Up your Account
3. Create your Sender ID (if required)
4. Go for the payment process
5. Full Amount of SMS Package will be credited to your account if the payment Confirmed
6. Account will be activated in just few hours and you’ll be able to use your SMS packages

Note: Sender ID Approval will take 8 hours maximum
If this will not finds you well, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be there to give you full customer support via email or mobile number.

Yes, you can create multiple Sender ID in one particular route that has to be used for sending messages.

With the targeted set of customers, sent messages will be delivered to only those customers who would not be registered as the DND Customers. Approximately, 40% of customer DATA comes up with DND Registered Numbers. Numbers will get filtered and no charges will deduct from for your account.

There is no limit has been set yet to send messages at one Click. You can send your messages to the large set of numbers at a particular time. If the quantity of numbers is less than 10000 then it will get delivered quickly to all the customers. If the quantity has more than 10000 numbers, there it will take few minutes longer to get delivered.

Once to know our reliability and trustworthy qualities, you can check our client list that has linked up with us for the last 4 years..